There are many advantages to using an outdoor wood furnace:

1. It’s better for your wallet – Reduces utility costs and virtually eliminates your heating bill.

2. It’s better for your safety-By taking the risk of fire outside of the home, it removes the dangers associated with indoor burning including chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning or oxygen depletion.

3. It’s better for your health- Keeps all problems associated with indoor wood burning (smoke, ashes, odor, soot buildup, air quality) and indoor wood storage (bugs, rodents) outside and away from your home.

4. It’s better for meeting all your heating needs- Can be used with most existing heating systems and has the ability to heat multiple buildings.

5. It’s better for the environment – Burns all-natural fuels which are a renewable energy source, are in abundant supply and are often inexpensive or free. It leaves no net carbon contribution when burned properly!

Greener and Cleaner

Today, studies show that when burned properly, wood fires remain one of the most efficient and environmentally-sound ways to generate heat because it uses a renewable, abundant energy resource with zero net carbon contribution.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, which are believed to contribute to the greenhouse effect, burning wood instead of pricey fossil fuels enables homeowners to dramatically lower their energy costs. With an outdoor furnace, you can live comfortably in your heated home, knowing that your carbon footprint is getting smaller while your spending budget is suddenly growing larger.